Healthy relationships are really important. There needs to be a sense of respect, kindness, support, as well as being able to have your own independence and freedom. You should be able to be comfortable being yourself and express your thoughts and opinions without judgement. You should be able to have fun together and not be put down by them, they should also make you feel safe and not pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.

Break Ups

How to cope:

Keep in touch with your friends and family, keeping yourself surrounded by things that make you happy. But also make sure to take time out for yourself and be able to relax.

Breaking Up with someone:

Be respectful to the person, being able to do it in person may seem more challenging than sending them a text. Try give them as much closure as possible and try and keep the conversation in a safe and private place. Make sure that you are not waffling, and beating about the bush be straight up and to the point the more you tell them and the more closure that they get he less likely they will be to continue to contact you afterwards. Also be opening to listening to them, and not to cut in to defend yourself, hear them out.


Remember your rights. You do not have to choose sides even when pressured by your parents or members involved.It is also not up to you to try and fix the relationship.It is very important that you keep up communication on both sides.

Know that you are not alone, nor are you the only one going through this. That it is okay to ask for help and talk to people about this. Check out our Talk with someone page for a list of online, phone and text help lines/counsellors that you can check out of you want to talk with someone.